What is trust worth to you and your organization? I was shown this video yesterday called “Why Is Trust Worth It” and I wanted to share it as a way to provoke some thought regarding trust in your work culture. After viewing the video, I’d like to challenge you to ask yourself the following questions regarding how much trust is worth to you and your organization:

  1. Who do you trust and how can you grow it with those you don’t trust?
  2. What “stories” are you anticipating?
  3. What are you willing to “let go”?
  4. What are you “watching for”?
  5. How is trust impacting the productivity of your organization or team?

As a leader in various capacities for over 22 years, I am a firm believer that trust is at the very center of a highly productive, supportive, sustainable, and transparent work culture. Trust thrives on intentionally transparent communication which helps to eliminate the need to focus on the “stories” instead of the sustained ability to move the organization forward.

A culture built on trust will empower the team to make sound decisions without the fear of betrayal allowing the organization the ability to reach into the untapped potential yet to be realized. Trust will help to create a team that will be focused on moving the organization forward instead of being consumed with trying to understand the unknown.

So what is your team “watching for” and how can you as a leader help them understand the story instead of giving them the opportunity to make it up on their own?


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