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“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” 

– Peter Drucker

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The Nextier Career Awareness Program

Impactful Career Awareness

The Nextier approach to career advice is all about you and your ability to identify your personal interests and styles to align them with a career that is both satisfying and rewarding.

Nextier Career Advisors utilizes the Strong Interest Inventory® which is a very powerful tool of self-discovery and reflection designed to help you make satisfying decisions about your career and education. Our program measures your interests, not skill or ability, in a way that will help guide you toward rewarding career opportunities, work activities, educational programs, and leisure activities all based on your personal interest and styles. 

Nextier Career Advisors President Kevin Martlage is a Strong Interest Inventory®and Myers-Briggs® Certified Practitioner with over 25 years of professional experience.

What Type Of Career Exploration Is Right For You?

Career Exploration for High school and college students

The Nextier Career Awareness Program™ will help you identify steps after high school while considering all the possibilities.

Enhance your Career by understanding your personal interests

Become aware of your personal  interests and how they can lead to a more engaging, intentional, and rewarding career.

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Identify what makes you unique as we provide the Life Mapping U framework to develop your whole life purpose.


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Over 250 Career Coaching Clients And Counting!

“I had thought of myself as a lucky person who had grown into a career that I loved. As the unexpected happened, I found myself having to make a midlife career change and feeling completely lost and defeated. I did not know what specific direction to take but knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my career doing something that I enjoyed while also maintaining a specific salary level. His kind and patient nature really helped me build self confidence and ease anxiety. I have since found a career containing the elements that I love. I wish I would of had his expertise much earlier in life. Many headaches could have been avoided."

~Erin LaRocque, Career Coaching Client

“It will help me pick my career much easier now that I understand myself more.”

~Allison, Student Career Coaching Client

“It inspired me to explore my options and know that there is a chance I can find a career for me.”

~Emely, Student Career Coaching Client

“It inspired me to explore my options and know that there is a chance I can find a career for me.”

~ Jalen, Student Career Coaching Client

“I think it will help me to become what I really want to become and help me be the best version of myself to help others.”

~Arely, Career Coaching Client 

“I did already know what I wanted to be when I get out of high school, but this course helped me realize the specifics of my future career.”

~Ronnie, Career Coaching Client 

“It helped me expand my options for my future.”

~Tommy, Student Career Coaching Client

“It was easy to complete, and it was fun to do.”

~Troy, Student Client

“I felt that this course affected me positively so I can move forward with my future.”

~Kasie, Career Coaching Client

“It will help me move in the right direction rather than being lost.”

~Andrea, Student Career Coaching Client

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