It is widely thought that communication is one of the most misunderstood and undervalued of all the interpersonal skills. Despite this, most people feel that they communicate effectively. Whether you feel you are an effective communicator or not, how can you enhance your ability to listen for understanding as opposed to listening to respond? In the same respect, how can you enhance your ability to intentionally provide the context of your communication in a way that ensures the recipient is successful in understanding your true intent. The answer is in reviewing the difference between Reactive and Intentional Communication.

This is the basis of the webinar I presented on Tuesday, March 2nd for the Champaign Public Library as part of their “Get That Job” series.¬†During the webinar we look into the differences between Reactive and Intentional Communication and how understanding both can be game changers in terms of how you can enhance and understand your communication style. We also dive into some tips and resources that you can use to enhance your communication with others by focusing on intentional speaking and listening. I encourage you to please check it out.

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I would also encourage you to check out the Champaign Public Library Business Center at They have a variety of great resources available for free.

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